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Collabrify Flipbook
Collaboratively create sketches and animations.
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Collabrify Flipbook enables students to work together, synchronously, in real-time, to co-create drawings or “flipbook” style animations. On Flipbook's canvas, students can draw freehand, insert shapes, include a photo and then draw on top of it or label parts of it with text, as well as combine multiple pictures to make an interesting animation. Use Flipbook and the other apps in the Collabrify Suite to “collabrify” your classroom! EDUCATORS: Please contact us for webinars and pedagogical support – free! Flipbook works with Boogle Classroom.
A User of Collabrify Flipbook
January 30, 2018
pretty nice
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A User of Collabrify Flipbook
May 15, 2016
This would be so much better if you could save it as a video or something because i could make great animations for youtube
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A user of Collabrify Flipbook
July 6, 2016
We in the final stages of testing exporting to animated gif! Check back July 15th! Thank you for your comment!
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