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Collabrify KWL
Collaboratively create kwl charts (What do I Know, What do I Wonder about, What have I Learned).
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Collabrify KWL enables students and teachers to employ KWL charting collaboratively! Students can work together, synchronously, in real-­time, to share what they know and want to learn about a concept. Then, after a lesson, they can go back and synchronously share what they learned in class. In the “L” frame, teachers can have their students give evidence for what they have learned.  Have a whole class brainstorm the “K” – or break the students in groups. Display each group’s chart on the whiteboard, in real time. Use KWL and the other apps in the Collabrify Suite to“collabrify” your classroom!  EDUCATORS: Please contact us @imlc­ for webinars and pedagogical support – free! Writer works with Boogle Classroom.
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