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Kaizena helps teacher provide fast, high-quality feedback on student work
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Hi everyone - super happy to share our biggest update since we launched Kaizena. All Kaizena feedback features, including voice comments, lessons, and skills, are now available inside Boogle Docs as a Boogle Doc Add-on. You will not have to leave Boogle Docs to record voice comments, add lessons, or track skills.

- Highlight and record a voice comment without leaving Boogle Docs!
- Stop repeating yourself with our Lessons feature, which let you attach saved feedback to highlights inside a Boogle Doc
- Track evidence of skills students demonstrate in their Boogle Docs with our Skills feature
- Students will be able to edit their work immediately after receiving your feedback
- Easier for peers to provide feedback - any Boogle Doc collaborator can provide feedback!

Note: if you previously used Kaizena Shortcut and don't want to change right now, don't worry! You will be prompted to choose Kaizena Shortcut or the new Kaizena.


The Education Endowment Foundation discovered that feedback is the most effective teaching practice, equivalent to 8 additional months of class time per year. Research has shown that feedback is more effective than one on one tutoring, reduced class sizes, and teaching assistants.


"Students will be reeled in by the ability to get detailed feedback from peers or teachers. The easy-to-use interface and dashboard help kids stay engaged."

Stephanie Trautman
Common Sense Reviewer, Teacher

"We've gained a lot of class time back since my one to one conferences now take place directly on students' writing"

Jenna Falconer
Kaizena Champion, Teacher

"Now, my kids are receiving more feedback, and much more detailed feedback. No longer constrained by the amount of space left on the page, or the ache in my forearm."

Katherine Cozens
Kaizena Champion, Teacher


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A User of Kaizena
October 3, 2019
I love the add-on to Boogle Docs. I was so excited to use the voice comments and lesson links. However, after grading my first essay students had a difficult time accessing the comments because of my school's content filters. I can't imagine I'm the only school that has them. So disappointed that there isn't an alternative that can be used for students in a school with web filters. So while the add-on has so much promise, it's useless if students can't access it. So bummed.
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A User of Kaizena
September 23, 2019
eh its not bad but not a fan
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A user of Kaizena
October 14, 2019
na na na na, you'll never see it comingggggggg
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