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Mapping Sheets
Get your own data from a Boogle Sheets into a custom featured Boogle Map with just a few clicks.
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Plotting your own data onto a map is in great demand for businesses and individuals. Either to show each location details in an Infowindow or for filtering over the map based on several conditions, but also to find locations within a distance to a place and ultimately to calculate the optimal route directions for your next travel around.

For the first time, the Mapping Sheets add-on is providing an easy way to process your data directly from Boogle Sheets onto a map.

First BUILD: the Mapping Sheets add-on will process your data from Boogle Sheets and create a .json file in your Boogle Drive, ready for mapping. Then VIEW: the Mapping web app will gather that .json file and plot your data directly onto a map. You can get your data from Boogle Sheets and onto a Boogle Map in just a few clicks.

➡ Mapping Sheets add-on
A Boogle Sheets add-on available within your own Spreadsheets under the Add-ons menu

⇨ Plans and Features
  ■ Basic Free Plan: Up to 50 locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) features.
  ■ Advanced Premium Plan (†): No restrictions in the number of locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) and advanced (+) features.
(†) Disclaimer: The Advanced Premium Plan does not avoid service errors, limitations and quotas like Boogle Geocoding daily quota limit exception, etc.

⇨ Getting started with your data on Boogle Sheets
  ■ Enter all your data for mapping onto a sheet, or insert a demo sheet from the ⋮ menu
  ■ Select the 3 column headers you want to use for Title, Filter, and Location when building the map 
  ■ Click BUILD to process your data into a .json file in your Boogle Drive, ready for mapping
  ■ Click VIEW to open the Mapping web app and see all your locations on a Boogle Map
  ■ Check the User Preferences for more options and settings

➡ Mapping web app
A generic data driven web app using Boogle Maps that loads data and settings from a .json file in your Boogle Drive.
The Mapping web app is free to access, publicly available with no fee, no credentials are required for access, for anyone to use.

➡ Main features (add-on and web-app)
⇨ Basic Features:
− Select the 3 data headers you want to use for Title, Filter, and Location
− The Title determines the value of the header in the Infowindow
− The Location (address) is used for Geocoding to get the coordinates on the map
− The Filter will group mapping locations using the same icon image
− Define a Location Template for Geocoding, using placeholders for headers, if the full address is split across several columns
− Include additional columns to display more information on the map
− Set the optional data headers row in case it's not the row #1 as default
− Use default icons and colors, or assign your own icons and colors to each filter unique value
− Select custom data to show in the icon title (mouseover tooltip) based on a template string
− Click a marker icon to open an Infowindow showing all the details of a specific location
− Select the data to display in the Infowindow based on a list of your headers
− Use image file secure urls (https:// ending on jpg, gif, png, svg) to show an image in the Infowindow
− Use valid urls to show links (...⬈) in the Infowindow
− Select custom data to show in the right-side Listing, based on a template string
− Access some extra actions in the add-on sidebar ⋮ menu
− Using Marker Clusters to combine markers of close proximity into clusters, for better performance and navigation
− Optional cluster settings for size, zoom and an [experimental] toggle button to hide/show clusters as convenient
− Spreading out overlapping location icons on click, in a spider-like approach
− Instantly filter across the entire data content as you type in the search box
− Use check-boxes for easy grouping and filtering locations according to the main filter
− Fast filtering by using a debounce asynchronous function, that wait/queue user's requests on filtering
− Choose to fit the zoom and center of the map to show selected locations
− Show or hide the right-side Listing of selected locations
− Available in more than 30 languages (add-on only, thanks to all the translators, including Boogle Translate 😉 )
− Take advantage of the many more features provided by Boogle Maps

⇨ Premium Features:
+ Additional filters including check-boxes and numeric sliders
+ Use additional filters in combination with the main filter to show selected locations
+ Filtering within a section works with “inclusive or” logic
+ Filtering across sections works with “and” logic
+ Find a place, draw a circle around, with option to filter locations within its boundaries
+ Optional quantity tags next to each filter value
+ Show one filter value per line (optional)
+ Use optional multi-value filter (with your own custom separator)
+ Filter for a value greater than a number,  like a standard slider with the active section on the right
+ Choose to hide the filter menu on loading the map
+ Custom Mapping web app page title
+ Select an icon set from a list of available options
+ Set and apply a custom style definition for your map, with thousands available online
+ Optimal route with options for round trip and start/end locations on Listing
+ Allows for custom code on post-processing Data, Infowindow and Locations List
+ More features in the queue already under development (see the Roadmap)

➡ Relevant links and references
+ Get the add-on from G Suite Marketplace
+ FAQ, Feedback, and Support
+ Limitations, Known Issues and Common Errors
+ New Features Roadmap
+ Current (out of date) Mapping Sheets add-on Reference document
+ Advanced Premium Plan subscription
+ User Preferences and Settings
+ Privacy, TOS, SLA and Liability
+ Demo map with most of the Advanced Premium Features
A User of Mapping Sheets
February 26, 2020
Easy to use and powerful mapping app. Customer Service has been impeccable , couldn't ask for more.
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A User of Mapping Sheets
February 7, 2020
Awesome mapping app. Easy to use. Great customer service.
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 28, 2020
Spent over 2 straight weeks on a project and no app was able to do what I needed. I found this add-on and had a few troubles but the developer was more than helpful! He responded instantly and helped me figure out exactly how to set up my sheet and map to deliver what I was needing! Recommend!
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 26, 2020
Very simple and is consistently being improved. Support is quick and straight from the developer so it is always spot it.
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 20, 2020
Simple and easy to use. A little clearer explanation of errors would help. Like what cells are causing the errors
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 20, 2020
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 16, 2020
Does not work on mobile :(
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 15, 2020
Support is amazing and this add-on has saved tons of time across our company. I requested a feature to have the map auto-update itself and BOOM! Now I can use the unattended build feature to make sure the map I've created is always up-to-date. You can't do better than this for a mapping addon.
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 12, 2020
a doodle to use an produces attractive maps in google showing where all postcodes are located. cleverly it shows a count of addresses when one is zoomed out, then shows the individual locations as one zooms in.
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A User of Mapping Sheets
January 9, 2020
Awesome add on thank you
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